What is Balo-Rabi or Balòrabi?
What is Balo-Rabi or Balòrabi?

Balòrabi or Balo-Rabi is a system for writting Balochi language in Arabic orthography

Balòrabi have 27 characters

ا ب پ ت ٹ ج چ د ڈ ر ز ژ س ش ک گ ل م ن و ۏ ؤ ء ی ئ ے ئی

And so Balòrabi have 5 marks

ــَ ــِ ــُ ــّ ــٚ

Most of Baloch peoples can write arabic orthogrpahic easily and of the default our writnig system in Balochi is Balòrabi

it was standardized by Balochi Academy Sarbaz in 2017

گندگ : 16
برچسپان : ,,,